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   Pallet lifter.- Actioned by spindles and a sheet introducer with double sheet detector.  
 Sheet lubricator (optional)
 Automatic centering station.- Where the sheet is aligned by means of a sucker with three registration points two frontlays and one sidelay, the sheet is then hold at the delivery point waiting until it is taken over two suckers from the rectilinear advance station to take it.
   Rectilinear advance station.- The two suckers transport the sheet from the centering station to the Zig Zag advance station.  
   Zig Zag advance station.- With two grippers that hold the sheet while the suckers release it introducing the sheet into the press by means of a Zig Zag movement.  
  Once the stamping process has finished, the remaining sheet skeleton is expelled automatically and then a new sheet follows without idle stroke.